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We got an A+ on cleanliness! – Our year-opening partnership with Henkel

We got an A+ on cleanliness! – Our year-opening partnership with Henkel

At the beginning of autumn, in September, the main focus is on schools. To take advantage of this opportunity our company started a joint project with Henkel, and at the end of the competition one educational institution won a huge hygienic package.

Our exclusive promotion had an ambitious aim: we wanted to reach every school and kindergarten in the country. Anyone who purchased a Henkel product at Rossmann during the specified period could participate in the game. The AP code on the receipt received after payment had to be uploaded on the promotional website, and then voted for the institution they wanted to support.

Since it was a charitable project, the final winner received an enormous prize; a hygiene package, that will last for the children throughout the school year. But not just one school had the reason to be happy at the end, because in addition to the grand prize, guaranteed prizes were also awarded. The first 20 schools or kindergartens that had reached at least 200 votes, received a Henkel & Rossman hygienic gift package worth HUF 25,000, while experts in the 3 most voted institutions hold a playful tutorial on sustainability. In addition to social responsibility in the selection of prizes, it was also important that the winning institutions were given really useful and practical equipments. During the promotion we put out flyers in all Rossmann stores, and we were very active on social media platforms too.

Our agency has been operating in the spirit of sustainable development for many years, and we are especially pleased to be able to participate in projects where social responsibility is involved.